Intro to Psychology (offered in 2019-20)

Prerequisite: HS Biology

Taught by veteran HS teacher   Dave Allen

Taught by veteran HS teacher Dave Allen

The science behind psychology seeks to understand why people as individuals behave as they do.  As such it begins with a broad survey of the field, a brief history of the attempts to explain human behavior, and an exploration of how psychologists approach their work.

After an overarching introductory module, we will drill deeper into the many areas of this fascinating field of study. The following list is not possible to cover in-depth in one year, but we will dig into many of these (selections based upon student interest and instructor recommendation):

  •      Biological Influences: the brain, hormones, and genetics

  •      Human Development: prenatal to later adulthood

  •      Sensation and Perception: sensory systems and their interpretation

  •      States of Consciousness: sleep/dreams, hypnosis, and the effect of drugs

  •      Learning: conditioning, observational learning and the mind.

  •      Memory: what it is, how it works and how it forgets

  •      Thinking, Language and Intelligence: the processes and measurement

  •      Motivation: what motivates biologically and socially

  •      Emotion: physiology, expression, and experiencing our emotions

  •      Social Psychology: how we are influenced by our social context

  •      Theories of Personality: exploring common theories

  •      Psychological Disorders: what are they, how they develop

  •      Therapy: differing approaches to treatment of mental disorders

Text:   Exploring Psychology, 10th edition by David G. Myers of Hope College and C. Nathan DeWall of University of Kentucky. Please contact instructor directly for ISBN # for ordering: