Algebra I (offered in 2019-20)

Taught by    Kristen Monahan

Taught by Kristen Monahan

Why study Algebra 1?

“How far will that baseball travel if I hit it this hard?” “What is the relationship between how many hours I work babysitting and how much money I will make?” “How does the value of my car depreciate over time?” These are all common questions that we encounter each day and the study of Algebra gives us the tools to answer these and many more real-world questions.

Algebra is the backbone of all upper level Math and Science classes. They may not realize it, but children have been exploring algebraic reasoning through-out their elementary education and even their day to day lives. Now is the time to sharpen these Math skills and explore more in-depth mathematical concepts.

Course summary

In Algebra 1 we will incorporate an “interactive classroom” to discover the topics of Algebra. We will not only work through problems and worksheets, but we will also take real-life situations, hands on activities and experiments and the concept of a “flipped classroom” to keep the student’s interest and excitement in the material. 

Topics covered

  • Review: 

    • Real/Natural/Whole numbers 

    • Integer operations

    • Order of operations

    • Ratios/rates/proportions

  • Variables

  • Functions

  • Expressions

  • Linear Equations – writing, solving

  • Graphing Linear equations

  • Linear Inequalities 

    • Graphing

    • Solving

  • Systems of Equations and Inequalities

  • Exponents and Exponential Functions

  • Polynomials and Factoring

  • Quadratic Equations and Functions

  • Radicals and Geometry Connections

  • Rational Equations and Functions

  • Probability and Data Analysis

Skills developed

  • The fundamentals of Algebra

  • Strong mathematical thinking

  • Perseverance in mastering challenging and cumulative content

  • Independent work ethic and organization


Algebra I: McDougall Little / Copyright 2007
  ISBN-13: 978-0618594023 / ISBN-10: 0618594027

Algebra 1: Practice Workbook, McDougall Little, Paperback – Student Edition, March 2, 2006


Following is a list of prerequisites for Algebra 1.

Critical Skills (required for entrance into the class)

  • Basic multiplication facts with some speed (through 12’s)

  • Order of operations

  • Fractions: performing all 4 operations; converting to mixed numbers and decimals

  • Decimals: performing operations; rounding; conversion to fractions; terminating vs. non-terminating

  • Percents

  • Setting up proportions (e.g. in word problems)

  • Exponents: evaluating; performing operations

  • Area, perimeter/circumference, volume

Important Skills

  • Unit conversions (simple)

  • Computing simple averages

  • Working with the concept of rates (e.g. price per lb., speed, etc.)

  • Word problems with any of the above

Assessment and Questionnaire

An assessment test of basic math skills and a parent questionnaire are required before students may enter this course.