Anatomy and Physiology (offered in 2019-20)

Taught by Dawn Corbin

Taught by Dawn Corbin

Why Take Anatomy and PHysiology?

Every one of us has a human body, and most of us want to make choices for a healthy and happy life! We spend a lot of time learning about health and wellness around the edges in our society, and though it is good to seek answers to these questions, most of us haven’t done the foundational work to makes sense of the confusing and contradictory messages ubiquitous today. Simply put, this course is a “user manual” to our most valuable asset, our own bodies.

If your student loves science, is hoping to pursue a career in the medical field, or simply wants to become more informed about the human body, then A&P is a great course to consider. 

Course Summary

Anatomy and Physiology is designed as a rigorous science course for 11th and 12th graders who have successfully completed Biology & Chemistry.  Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) is a natural science course that will focus on the form and function of the human body.  In class we will delve into a detailed study of each major system of the body and will learn how systems work together to maintain homeostasis. 

Anatomy & Physiology is a lab science class, and we will take every opportunity to enhance our understanding of complex processes with regular, targeted, laboratory investigations. We will utilize online “lab bench” activities, in-class labs, dissections as well as lab practical’s that seek to hone each students ability to memorize and identify key structures. 

The study of A&P will require students to commit a vast amount of vocabulary to memory as well as the location of molecular/cellular structures (and processes), tissues, organs, and body regions. To aid in this endeavor students will have access to a top-notch website designed specifically as a complement to our textbook. This resource provides diagrams, case studies, slide shows, chapter notes, vocabulary quizzes, online labs, videos, and study materials.  The best news is that the website comes at no additional cost to you!

LABS: High school science classes at New Hope include labs and one Friday “skills day,” all of which contribute to the whole experience and qualify the class on transcripts as a full HS lab science course. We are contracted with Gordon College to use their excellent facilities for Friday lab days. We believe the lab experience is a vital component of the overall course. As such, we consider the Friday skills day at New Hope and the corresponding Friday labs at Gordon College to be mandatory. Please plan for these extra dates on your calendar (TBA by instructor by late summer).

Major Topics Covered

Anatomical Terminology, Chemical basis of Life, Cells, Cellular Metabolism, Tissues, and each of the major body systems:  Integumentary, Muscular, Skeletal, Nervous, Senses, Endocrine, Cardiovascular, Lymphatic/ Immune, Digestive, Respiratory, Urinary & Reproductive.

Major skills developed

General Skills

  • Scientific reading

  • Scientific writing

  • Note-taking

  • Organization

  • Time management

  • Assessment

Lab Skills

  • Data collection

  • Data analysis

  • Dissection techniques

  • Histological drawings

  • Lab practicals, simulations, & experimental design  

A&P Student Goals

  1. Vocabulary – Build a vocabulary of basic medical terminology to effectively communicate information related to anatomy and physiology.

  2.  Identify – Learn anatomical structures and explain the physiological functions and how they relate to each system.  

  3.  Homeostasis – Be able to articulate principle of homeostasis, how systems are related and the use of feedback loops to control physiological systems in the human body. 

  4.  Models/Dissection/Lab - Demonstrate laboratory procedures used to analyze body systems.

  5.  Understand some of the major diseases & disorders associated with each body system.


Hole’s Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology – 12th Edition

ISBN- 9780073403724


Successful completion of Biology & Chemistry (one full year of each). If your student didn’t take these courses at New Hope Tutorials, please indicate what curriculum was used and their final grade (email instructor directly). A science survey will be required for students to complete upon registration.