Alumni Day

Welcome back, alumni!

We are so thankful for the many students who have passed through our doors, and we had the pleasure of welcoming several alumni to New Hope today! Several came in the morning and had lunch with us, then several more came by in the afternoon. It was great fun to catch up, see what everyone was up to, and (for some) to see our "new" home here in Boxford. Keeping in touch is very important -- if you are an alumnus/a and haven't heard from us in a while, we likely don't have your current email address. Would you drop us a line so we can update your information? 

While he was here this morning, I asked Taylor Jacoby to pen a few words, and here's what he had to say:

After leaving New Hope in 2011, it brings back so many memories to return. The building is different. The faces are new. And the tutors have new members in the ranks. But some things remain the same. Mr. Westrate engaging with students discussing the Lost Generation and the philosophy of Albert Camus. Mr. Drummond working through yet another tech project/experiment, and Mrs. G working faithfully supporting and guiding the craziness that is the Drummond/Westrate combo. Needless to say, even after crossing continents, visiting the indigenous peoples of Africa, or looking ahead to grad school, having a place like New Hope to return to is a comforting thought in a world of uncertainty.
— Taylor Jacoby, 2011