Iunonis Ob Iram

Mr. Drummond emailed his Classical Lit course last week:

Dear Classical Lit Families,

This may never happen again in your academic career — note the day! Tomorrow in Classical Lit we were scheduled to discuss The Aeneid, the narrative of which is largely driven by the wrath of Juno (ira Iunonis, Aen. 1.4). But, alas, we will be stopped by… the wrath of (winter storm) Juno! And we were even going to discuss Book 7, in which her rage again is front and center.

… Juno descended to earth,
A terrifying presence… 
(Aeneid 7.394-395, transl. Lombardo)

I’ve been geeking out about it all day, and wanted to make sure you are able to as well.

Enjoy the ira Iunonis

Mr. Drummond