Macbeth Comes to New Hope

Macbeth Comes to New Hope

The New Rep players came to New Hope today and put on two Shakespeare workshops (one for middle school, one for high school). All English tutorials studied Macbeth in anticipation of the day, and it was a rousing success! The students did vocal and physical warm-ups, worked on Shakespeare's Early Modern English (including physical exercises with iambic pentameter!), and broke down several scenes. Students learned all about how Shakespeare used vowels (the "emotional life" of the lines), and why the witches sound so "weird" (hint: it has to do with trochees). During the second hour, students created their own scenes, reworking the language of Shakespeare into modern verse and recreating scenes based on those in Macbeth. 

As one of the actors told the kids at the close of the morning session:

You were all officially playwrights, actors, and directors.
— Will Madden, New Rep's Education Coordinator

Said many of the middle schoolers:

“This work will make Shakespeare easier to read.”; “We’ll probably be able to understand his plays better because of these exercises”; “We couldn’t have created these scenes just by ourselves. We needed to do it together!”

Said many of the high schoolers:

“Sounding out the vowels was helpful to getting the feeling of the lines.”; “This experience helped to get new insights into the text, beyond just reading it in class.”

Check out all the photos on our Facebook page, or see the highlights below.