Servathon Day 2015

Venimus, Vidimus, Purgavimus
(We came, we saw, we cleaned)

Our 2015 Servathon came to a wonderful conclusion as over 125 students and parents descended upon YMCA Camp Tricklin' Falls to rake and haul leaves, pick up sticks, stain picnic tables, paint murals, and in general get the whole area ready for campers to show up the following week. 

As we arrived in the morning, we set out our picnic area, got the grills ready, and made our way down to the amphitheater for a morning welcome and quick orientation to the camp. From there, we broke into several groups and spent the morning going about our tasks around the grounds. 

The majority of students and parents worked on raking and hauling leaves, and picking up sticks and large branches. The work was not glorious, but we were extremely proud of the hard work on display, and as the morning went on, it was inspiring to see so many piles of leaves and debris disappearing from all around! 

Read on to see how our day went, and click on images to make them larger. 

New to our Servathon work was a lot of painting in various forms. Many students stained picnic benches -- about fifteen (15) in total. Joining the "painting" work were students putting a colorful touch on cubbies that campers use to store their stuff in when going down to the lake. They turned them from drab brown to colorful blue and pink. And finally, we had a cadre of students and parents, led by our art tutor, Mrs. James, and New Hope dad Tim Raftery painting three murals and several other objects around the camp. Really amazing work!

We cooked out, enjoyed each other's company, and then we got to swim in the lake!

Our happy group just after finishing the morning's work. 

And now doing the "Y"   "M"   "C"   "A" !!

This year, we were joined by Plumfield Academy, a Charlotte Mason school in Danvers, with whom we have strong ties going back many years. They did their own fundraising earlier in the spring, and many of their students and parent were able to join us to work and celebrate today. Thank you for partnering with us!

** Apologies for the title (adapting a quote of Julius Caesar), but that's what happens when the Latin teacher writes the blog...