Barry Burbank Comes To New Hope

On May 13th Mrs. Libert’s two public speaking classes combined to welcome a very special guest speaker: veteran meteorologist for WBZ TV & radio, Barry Burbank! Several parents joined us to hear this celebrity guest.  Mr. Burbank happens to live just a few miles from New Hope and was pleased to have a short commute for his presentation.  Although he frequently speaks to large groups of students at Boston area public & private elementary schools, he was impressed with New Hope’s alterative educational setting.  He found it relaxing to speak to our smaller group of attentive homeschoolers, and he enjoyed our elegant hospitality.  

Instead of his usual science presentation about weather, Mr. Burbank told us what it’s like to speak on live television.  He gave a light-hearted account of his path toward meteorology as a career.  He fielded a few questions from the students and shared some speaker tips along with his favorite axiom.  After a “group photo op,” Mr. Burbank directed and video-recorded us all shouting “Hellooooo, New England” on cue.  The brief footage was aired 2 days later on WBZ’s television news program—our 7 seconds of fame!  This stoked our enthusiasm for further involvement with TV . . . 

The following week on May 20th and 21st the public speaking classes each went to the Boxford cable TV studio to perform and record their original “soapbox speeches.”  This is our 3rd year appearing on Boxford Cable Access Television (BCAT), an experience that truly “puts the public in public speaking.” Mrs. Libert was interviewed for the introduction to our broadcast that also served as a promotional opportunity for New Hope.  Everyone performed so well, and we had a serendipitous bonus . . .  three public speaking alums accompanied us!  They even put together a lively impromptu ad for the public speaking course for the end of our video.  Station manager Brad Sweet gathered us for on-camera concluding remarks and posed with us for a group photo afterward.  We look forward to receiving the broadcast schedule and a DVD souvenir of our program.