NHT, FCCB Retreat (August 2015)

NHT/FCCB Retreat (August 2015)

Yesterday morning members of the leadership of New Hope and First Church met to spend time in retreat discussing and praying about our ongoing partnership in ministry. 

First Church welcomed New Hope as tenants four year ago with joy and enthusiasm, and members of the leadership and congregation have consistently reached out to us as partners in Christian ministry over these years. We're so grateful to enjoy this spirit of hospitality and partnership and are thankful that God has seen fit to bring the church and our New Hope community together at this time. 

During our retreat we discussed the history and current mission of both organizations, we prayed for each other and for our communities, and we brainstormed ways to work together for the good of both groups and for our common Kingdom work. Our staff went away truly blessed by the fellowship, encouragement, and partnership of these wonderful neighbors. 

In attendance:

  • From FCCB - Andrew James (Pastor), Mike Haddad (Youth Pastor), Taylor Robinson (Elder of Congregation and NHT parent), Dan Frasier (also NHT parent), Nancy Gill (Church Administrator) and Rick Haywood (Elder of Facilities, and former NHT parent from our second year!);
  • from NHT - Ian Drummond, Martha Geraghty, Steve Staats (NHT Board of Directors, parent) and me (Chris Westrate).