Have an up-and-coming 8th grader? We're here to help!

New Hope Courses for Homeschoolers is here to partner with homeschooling families by providing high-quality, supplemental courses. We at New Hope understand that 8th grade can be an important year for homeschoolers. Parents of 8th graders often have a lot on their mind!

-Perhaps your 8th grader needs to bolster his or her skills in a subject to be ready for high school classes the next year. 

-Perhaps your student is ready to start some high school classes their 8th grade year, and you want them to start well. 

-Perhaps there are classes like foreign language or math that are no longer working well online. 

-Perhaps you are evaluating whether you can continue to homeschool through high school.

New Hope can help! Take a look at the courses available to our 8th grade students.

Pre-Algebra: Tues/Thurs 11:50-1:20 pm 

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-Taught by Kristen Monahan
-6th grade and up, with assessment

Students will apply the tools and language of math to solve a variety of problems, especially as they move into algebraic concepts. In addition, students will learn to verify solutions using methods such as estimation, examples, graphs, and logic. They will develop the ability to explain mathematical concepts and solutions with numbers, symbols, and words. Utilizing the “flipped” classroom model, preparation at home will be assessed and applied in the sessions, demonstrating real-world application of math with in-class lab experiences.

For more information and for the Pre-Algebra assessment, click here. 

Algebra 1: Tues/Thurs, 8:00-9:30 am 

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-Taught by Kristen Monahan
-7th grade and up, with assessment 

Algebra I is a first-year algebra course, which focuses on building a solid grasp of the fundamentals of algebra — including: real numbers, the language of algebra, solving equations and inequalities, linear functions, polynomials and radicals, quadratic equations, rational expressions and equations. This class will take students on a mathematical journey beyond the basics and into the "unknowns." Students who are comfortable with their understanding of math topics studied through middle school should be in a good position to undertake a study of algebra. 

Click here for more info and for the Algebra I assessment.

Physical Science: Tues/Thurs 9:40-11:10 am 

-Taught by Kristen Monahan
-8th grade course

Physical Science is a robust, two-day, middle school science course geared for the 8th grade student. This course is designed to bridge the gap between introductory middle school science and more rigorous science at the high school level. Middle school physical science will continue to focus on “Doing & Developing”, but will take the student to the next level. Students will be exposed to introductory physical science concepts, have expanded exposure to inquiry-based learning, experience STEM integration and practice lab writing. Students will be challenged to work independently and cooperatively as they move from knowledge and comprehension to application and analysis of physical science concepts.

Click here for more information on Physical Science and STEM at New Hope.

Spanish I: Tues/Thurs 1:30-3:00 pm 

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-Taught by Laura Range
-8th grade and up

Spanish I is offered to students who are brand new to Spanish or who have successfully completed one or two years of Intro to Spanish at New Hope. In Spanish I we will continue to immerse ourselves in the Spanish language and cultures, through story-telling, acting, reading, writing, music, literature, educational games, and other interdisciplinary activities. There will be two projects, focusing on researching the Spanish-speaking country of their choice as well as a story-telling project. Throughout the year, students will progress towards their goal of fluency, with increased opportunities to speak and interact with one another.

If you were unable to register for the full 3rd block section of Spanish I, good news! Another section has opened at 1:30. Click here to learn more about Spanish I and our chapter of Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica. 

Intermediate Lit: Tues/Thurs 1:30-3:00 pm 

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-Taught by Andrew O'Brien
-8th or 9th grade course

Intermediate Literature, Writing is an 8th/9th grade reading and writing course which attempts to develop critical literacy and thoughtful written expression. These two objectives are always balanced by the overall purpose of the language arts: to hone skills of communication. Because reading and writing are so closely tied together, students will always work to improve their writing when they are dealing critically with a literary text and, through excellent writing, they will learn to be strong readers.

Click here for more information about Intermediate Literature, Writing. 

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