Courses and Sequence at New Hope

On the left you will find links to all the courses offered at New Hope from year to year. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are under consideration for 2019-20. Final course decisions will be announced and unveiled at Discover New Hope, March 26 2019. Please call our office (978-965-8601) for more information or to RSVP to this event.

Course Sequences

Some courses are offered every year (e.g., HS Art and Middle School Lit), and others are offered on a two-year rotating basis. The following sequences are designed to give parents an idea of what to expect from New Hope's yearly scheduling as they plan out their middle and high school curricula.

6th and 7th Grade Sequences

Most 6th and 7th grade courses are offered every year on a two-year syllabi schedule.  For example, your child can take MSLW, MS History, and/or Intro to Spanish two years in a row, with a fresh syllabi for each of the two years (new books, new projects, new vocabulary).  6th/7th graders can access Earth Science one year, Life Science the next.  MS Art is available to 6th, 7th and 8th graders with a fresh curriculum and/or new media to work with every year.

8th Grade Sequences

The following courses are typically offered every year for 8th graders: Pre-Algebra, Intermediate Lit, Physical Science, and Spanish I.  All of these are two-day-per-week courses.  There is currently no history course specifically geared toward 8th graders at New Hope; we encourage families to start a foreign language or join one of our math classes.

High School Humanities Sequences

Our high school English courses are offered as pairs in alternating years. There is always a 9th/10th option (British Lit or American Lit I), and an 11th/12th option (Classical Lit or American Lit II).

High school history courses are now offered in a three-year sequence, as follows: Western Civ I (2018-19), Western Civ II (2019-20), and a year-long survey of American History (2020-2021). In general, American History is open to grades 9-12, while Western Civ is recommended for the older grades (10th and up).


Parents can plan on at least two, often three years of Spanish, ultimately depending on healthy enrollment. Spanish I and II are offered every year; Spanish III / IV are offered when there is sufficient demand.  In years past, New Hope has offered Latin as a foreign language option when there is sufficient demand.

High School Math and Science Sequences

We offer Biology and at least one HS math (Algebra I, Geometry or Algebra II) every  year. Chemistry and Physics are offered alternating years, and Anatomy and Physiology is available according to demand for the subject (11th and 12th graders only).