Dawn Corbin

At New Hope since 2012
B.S. Plant Biology, University of New Hampshire

Dawn grew up in beautiful New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee at the foot of the Belknap Mountain Range. Her childhood was filled with outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, berry picking, working outdoors, skiing and swimming. It shouldn’t have come to a surprise to her that Biology was the one subject that excited her more than any other. She had an a wonderful science teacher who opened the door to and brought to life the natural world that she loved so much.

Dawn studied Plant Biology and Adult and Occupational Education at UNH. Dawn had the great opportunity to work for the UNH Cooperative Extension Vegetable Specialist on the Woodman research farm for three years. This invaluable experience enabled her to learn a great deal about experimental, field science that had a direct impact on fruit and vegetable growers across the state.

After graduating, Dawn, continued to take graduate courses in Education until she and her husband welcomed their first child into their family. She has since enjoyed the journey of home schooling her two children with all the ups and downs of life’s different seasons. For the past eight years Dawn has had the privilege of teaching science in a Co-op setting to grades 1-9. She has taught several general elementary sciences, ecosystems, middle school physics, biology, science fair and general/physical science, as well as High School Biology.

Dawn loves to be in the classroom with students, even if that classroom is not confined to four walls. Helping students to understand, appreciate and ask questions about the world around them is what makes the teaching worthwhile for Dawn. And nothing is more rewarding than seeing a concept or idea “come alive” in the eyes of a child for the first time!

Dawn is content to find her days filled with teaching at home, reading, running children to the ice arena or archery range, hosting family and friends, enjoying serving and fellowship with her church family and having special dates with her husband.