Introduction to Spanish
(not offered in 2019-2020. 8th graders may enroll in Spanish I.)

Taught by Laura Range

  • Students learn basic vocabulary and grammar through highly effective TPRS storytelling.

  • Students are introduced to cultural elements of Spanish-speaking countries in fun and engaging ways.

  • Students work to master English grammar in order to better understand Spanish grammar.

  • Students learn key study skills, such as taking notes, organizing binders, and studying effectively.

Few skills are as important in our world as the ability to communicate. Knowledge of Spanish allows you to communicate with 350 million people in 21 countries—including our own! In fact, if you speak Spanish and English, you can communicate with over 70% of the world’s population! This course will introduce the basics of Spanish language and culture in a fun, interactive environment. Students will learn basic vocabulary (focusing on conversational expressions), basic grammar, and cultural understanding and sensitivity through the study of Spanish customs, holidays, and food.

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Intro to Spanish has a two-year curriculum, meaning current Intro to Spanish students and students who have not yet taken Spanish can and should take this course. Introductory Spanish moves at a slower pace and makes sure students master the basics and build a strong foundation for the next year. Repetition and prolonged exposure to a language greatly helps with learning and retaining what you learn! Additionally, the class practices key study skills, such as taking notes, organizing binders, practicing vocabulary, and effectively studying for quizzes and exams. Also, a significant part of this class is geared toward introducing students to cultural aspects of Spanish speaking countries. We learn a language because we want to connect with people—be it in our churches, on mission trips, in our jobs, in our daily life—so we want to start getting to know Spanish-speaking people: what they eat, what they believe, how they live! Qué bueno, ¿no?

Course Text

¡Cuentos Fantásticos!

Teaching Terrific Grammar

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