Kerrie James

At New Hope since 2010
B.A., Gordon College and Salem State

Kerrie James’s love for art began early in her life. While living overseas with her family, she was greatly inspired by her many diverse and dedicated art teachers. In Yemen, she developed a love for intricate patterns and architecture; in the Cayman Islands, a love for landscapes and on-site painting; back in the United States her understanding of color, depth, and atmosphere grew while studying under her landscape artist mentor.

Kerrie studied art at Gordon College, where her technical abilities were sharpened, especially in regards to the human figure. She continued her work in the art education major at Salem State University. She had the opportunity to experiment with new ways of producing art, including sculpture and printmaking, which gave her the ability to create stark and powerful images expressing her faith in Christ. During this time, some of her work was featured in an Honors Art Show. Also during her time of study at Salem State, she received the “Excellence in Art Education Award” and had the chance to present a research project at the research symposium on the importance of teaching questions in art education.

Kerrie’s own enjoyment of the arts has blossomed into a desire to give that gift to others. With her BA in Art Education she has had the chance to teach art to students grades pre-K- 12 in a variety of settings. She has taught elementary art at Beacon Christian Academy, taught and directed an art camp for deaf children in Ukraine, taught elementary and middle school art in an inner city school in Detroit, MI, given private and small group art lessons and taught elementary, middle and high school art at a private school for children with high functioning autism.

Kerrie has always had a special place in her heart for New Hope. As an alum, she knows what a wonderful place this was to grow up and spend the majority of her high school education. She thrived in the small group setting and she looks back on those years of education with great fondness. As a Christian artist and teacher, she is excited to be back to share her knowledge and passion for the arts and to spur on creativity in the students at New Hope.