Pre-Algebra (offered in 2019-20)

Why Study Pre-Algebra?

Taught by Kristen Monahan

Taught by Kristen Monahan

Our goal for Pre-Algebra at New Hope is to create a fun, “hands-on” atmosphere where the concepts of middle school math can be mastered while exploring the more in-depth mathematical topics approaching in Algebra 1 and other high school math courses. Mathematics is all around us, and promoting a love of and comfort with math at an early age is so important. We will accomplish that in Pre-Algebra with not only problem-solving work, but also “hands-on”, interactive classrooms. By incorporating “flipped classrooms”, projects, exploratory activities and labs, we will help connect the students in a more concrete way to the concepts covered each day. 


Pre-Algebra will guide you through, among other things integers, one-step/multi-step equations and inequalities, graphs and functions, percents, fractions, and probability. We will also gain insight into High School Geometry, introducing topics such as theorems around triangles (especially right triangles), similarity concepts with proportions and proofs. This year we will master the important mathematical concepts needed as a basis for High School math while having fun and re-enforcing our basic math skills.

Major Topics covered

  • Real/Natural/Whole numbers 

  • Rules for integer operations (fractions, decimals, negative numbers)

  • Translating between fractions/decimals/percent

  • Properties of operations

  • Ratios/Proportions

  • Integer roots/exponents

  • Introduction to variables

  • Basic equations (solving one/two-step equations)

  • Inequalities, what they represent, solving inequalities

  • Absolute value equations

  • Graphing in the coordinate plane

  • Functions

  • Geometry

    • Surface Area/volume

    • Triangles

      • Similarity/proportions

      • Right triangles

Major skills developed

  • Fundamentals of Pre-Algebra

  • Study skills and organization

  • Independent work ethic

  • Hands on learning emphasizes practical application of concepts

  • Students will apply the tools and the language of math to solve a variety of problems, especially as they move into algebraic concepts


McDougal Littell Pre-Algebra: Student Edition 2005 

ISBN-13: 978-0618250035 

McDougal Littell Pre-Algebra: Practice Workbook, Student Edition 

ISBN-13: 978-0618257522 

Assessment Exam

MS Math/PreAlgebra Placement Test (see link below).

This exam helps us to place math students where they will be encouraged and challenged but not overwhelmed in their learning. The test is designed to check a variety of concepts at a variety of levels.

Please have your child take the test unaided (no parent help or calculator). Complete only the following problems rather than completing the entire test: #21-40 and #61-80. 

Encourage your child to do his/her very best, but not to be worried if a problem is too difficult. Let your child know that any work toward an answer is helpful to see, even if a problem can’t be finished.  Please send along with the test any scratch paper work used to solve the problems. 

Please scan and send to: or send it by mail/drop it off in the New Hope Office to the attention of Kristen Monahan, c/o New Hope Courses for Homeschoolers, PO Box 96, Boxford, MA 01921.

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