Public Speaking

Taught by Linda Libert

  • develop confidence speaking in front of an audience

  • gain practical speech experience for various real life settings

  • cultivate a personal presentation style through creative, fun assignments

  • become a lifelong, Christ-like, influential communicator in the marketplace of ideas

Course Description

Instructor Linda Libert believes it is a crime to bore an audience. She has crafted this Public Speaking course from her own extensive public speaking background, and brings practicality, creativity and humor to skill-building exercises. Oratory assignments are linked to real life scenarios and current events. Students will learn how to make a persuasive sales pitch, offer a toast, role-play a television-style news broadcast, deliver campaign speeches in a mock presidential election and much more.

While having fun, New Hope teens are being prepared for a solemn, eternal purpose. The most important reason for refining our God-given gift of speech is mandated in 1 Peter 3:15, the foundation for this tutorial: “Always be ready to give everyone an answer for the hope that lies within you. But do this with gentleness and respect.” Whether sharing the Gospel directly or expressing principled arguments for issues in the marketplace of ideas, an articulate, gracious speaker stands out among the bombasts dominating today’s shrill public discourse. Mrs. Libert is committed to equipping her students to be winsome Christian communicators for life.

Effective oratory involves mastery of challenging skills such as memorization, critical thinking, and discernment. Students also expand interpersonal skills, such as listening attentively and respectfully to a fellow speaker, and offering constructive critique. Confidence soars as they learn to speak authoritatively and “think on their feet.” Students will practice their developing public speaking skills not only with the tutor and their New Hope peers, but also at an external media venue such as a radio or television studio. This tutorial also features occasional guest speakers from various professions, and the option to attend outside events including a national speech-and-debate tournament and the tutor’s own speaking engagements, when feasible.