SAT Prep Course (offered as needed)

Heather Beville

Helen Li

SAT Prep Course.  Usually 12-14 weeks; 1x/week on Mondays.

This course will help juniors and seniors prepare for the SAT (generally taken in March/April and May/June).  The SAT is not an intelligence test.  It’s not a true aptitude test.  What the SAT really measures is one’s ability to take the SAT—and that is a learned skill.  With practice and the right strategies, your student can improve his/her SAT score.
Students will:

  • review fundamental math (Helen Li) and verbal/test-taking (Heather Beville) skills

  • take a diagnostic test to identify areas where they need more growth

  • learn effective strategies for solving problems quickly

  • familiarize themselves with instructions, format, and other “testing time-suckers”

  • Consistently practice their new skills

  • Take a full-length practice test under realistic conditions

This is considered a "course" at New Hope, and as such, there will be homework/practice pages each week.  Though students will not be graded in this course, students are expected to bring their best efforts to the table. Maximum input will pay off in higher SAT scores (the goal).  

This course offers techniques, tips, and consistent practice to enhance both the Essay/Reasoning and the Math SAT experience. Students will take a diagnostic test to identify weaker areas, familiarize themselves with time-saving techniques, augment their vocabulary, learn effective strategies for the math, verbal, and essay writing portions of the test, and consistently practice, practice, practice their new skills. The course will culminate in a full-length practice exam that simulates a real SAT exam. Help your students gain confidence and reach their personal best score!

The verbal/writing portions will be taught by Mrs Beville, and the Math portion will be taught by Mrs Li. Actual start date will be in early October (TBD by instructors).  A mock test date will be set for two weeks before the official March/April SAT dates for the North Shore area, running for 3-4 hours. **We will be looking for two or three parent volunteers to help proctor this exam (1.75 hour commitment per parent would be ideal).**

Materials / texts needed: please contact instructor directly for more information (