Teach at New Hope

We are always looking to meet prospective instructors. Whether you hope to teach a full year course or a workshop, please read up on who we are and read the FAQ page. Please also email our Director, Chris Westrate, to introduce yourself and start a conversation. 

Teach Courses, Short Courses, and Workshops

Our core program consists of courses in traditional high school and middle school subjects, but we also encourage interested educators to present topics for briefer hands-on workshops (e.g., lego robotics, hands-on history, simple science) and academic short courses (lasting from six to twelve weeks). Let us know if you have an idea you would like us to consider! Note that because we are ecumenical and affirm the role of parents and pastors in the spiritual formation of young people, we do not offer Bible or theology classes.

Recent college graduates, seasoned classroom veterans, retired teachers, homeschooling parents, private sector workers, academic leaders and scholars, and everyone in between have served with excellence and distinction here at New Hope. We maintain a number of strong Gordon connections -- the Director is a Gordon grad, and a number of our tutors have been drawn from the Gordon College and Gordon-Conwell communities.

An Entrepreneurial Model

The work is part-time, and instructors are compensated per student. Employment for full year courses runs the full academic year. Because families register students on a per-course basis, student numbers are not guaranteed year to year. We make best guesses, and we will always be up front about how many students we expect to register. Sometimes we offer courses that do not end up running due to low enrollment (typically we have a minimum of six students). New instructors often start "small," with lower numbers in courses, but after a year, they become known and draw more students in subsequent courses. The better you can get to know our families, the more likely you are to draw students. We are entrepreneurial in that instructors are encouraged to build their student base, and we are most interested in candidates who would like to be with us for several years (though no commitment beyond one school year is required).

Teach in an Ecumenical Setting

We are an ecumenical Christian organization grounded in the Nicene faith. All instructors (and staff) must subscribe to the Nicene Creed (the broadest and most basic definition of Christian orthodoxy) and be active members of their local congregation. We do not have the same religious requirements for our students, and though the vast majority are from Christian homes, we welcome students from outside the Christian tradition. 


Qualifications of New Hope Instructors

When hiring at New Hope, we look for well-rounded, experienced Christian educators. Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds and span a range of Christian traditions and pedagogical training. The following items lay out the basic qualifications of a New Hope instructor.

  1. We look for instructors who subscribe to the Nicene Creed and are actively involved in a Christian congregation. Though not all subjects teach the Christian faith per se, we look for educators who encourage our students’ faith and model servant leadership in our community.

  2. We seek instructors who have expertise in their subject area and competence in ancillary disciplines. A college degree in one's subject area is required, though many of our instructors have masters degrees as well.

  3. Pedagogical depth and experience are highly valued. Teaching is a difficult endeavor requiring years of practice. As such, strong preference is given to candidates with teaching experience in a classroom setting.

Apply to Teach

The general process for applying to teach at New Hope is:

  1. Email our director Chris Westrate to start a conversation.

  2. Apply online.

  3. Secure three references (personal, spiritual, teaching). See notes on the application page.

  4. Phone interview.

  5. Live teaching demonstration and an in-person interview. We will schedule a time for you to come and teach in a current tutorial, usually for about half hour.

  6. In person interview.

  7. After the teaching demonstration and in-person interview, we will be in touch with you within two weeks regarding a hiring decision.