After submitting this application, please submit by email the following to our Director, Chris Westrate.

  1. Your CV (resume). 
  2. Three letters of reference:
    1. Personal. The personal reference may be just about anyone you know well, but ideally it would be someone who is familiar with New Hope (or teaching in general), and so can comment particularly on their perception of how you work with others, especially in a collegial teaching environment. 
    2. Spiritual. The spiritual reference should be from your priest/pastor, or someone in a position of spiritual authority over you, and who can comment on your overall spiritual maturity.
    3. Teaching. The teaching reference should ideally be from a supervisor who has observed you teach. We are far more interested in your actual teaching experience than in particular academic achievements, but if you have yet to enter into a teaching career, this reference could be provided by an academic mentor.
  3. Please connect with our Director Chris Westrate on LinkedIn.

Application to Teach at New Hope

Name *
Please include both classroom and non-classroom experience, formal or otherwise. We preference candidates with formal classroom teaching experience.
New Hope requires its staff subscribe to the Nicene Creed (the broadest and most generous definition of what it means to be a professing Christian), and to be active in a local congregation. Please summarize your spiritual background, and in particular please note what congregation your are a part of and whether you can affirm the Nicene Creed.
New Hope is intentionally ecumenical, and we have staff from across the spectrum of the Christian tradition. Our students and families are *not* required to hold to any statement of faith, and though our student body is broadly Christian, and mostly Protestant, we do have students from diverse Christian backgrounds, as well as students from outside the Christian tradition. Please comment on your ability to work in (and enthusiasm for) an ecumenical teaching environment.

Please submit the supporting materials listed at the top after submitting.