Servathon Testimonials

"The scholarship provided this year to our child has been a blessing to her and our family. The course she is taking, only because of the scholarship made available, has enriched her year both academically and through growing friendships. We are grateful for the generosity and hard work of all the New Hope families whose efforts in last year's Servathon made this possible for our child."

"We have been overwhelmed with gratitude to God for providing a scholarship for our child to attend New Hope. It was truly an answer to prayer when we looked into New Hope and sent the email and scheduled the interview. The environment seemed just what we were looking for and the classes would support what we had started at home so many years ago.

We were certainly concerned that this would simply be something out of reach for us financially, but we left that in God's hands. Once we received the scholarship and knew that a way was made for her to attend we were absolutely overjoyed. Our child has grown so much this year academically and just in life experiences, being out of the home and in a safe, nurturing, welcoming environment. New Hope is family to us now... we look forward to many years ahead of learning and growing and giving back to New Hope. We know that the story God is writing on our child's heart and life is going to be greatly influenced by New Hope in these formative years.

I have been homeschooling my child from the beginning. What a great adventure it’s been, to see this person grow as a learner and to make common-sense and ethically sound choices. For our family, homeschooling has been for academic excellence, but even more importantly, to distance from negative societal influences and to allow our child to grow in a safe and supported environment.

As the tween years approached, I began to feel the need to provide for more than homeschool social hang outs. I wanted an academic environment where small groups of peers could be guided by a facilitator to explore material together, and could develop friendships based on mutual respect and common interests while maintaining healthy social interactions.

New Hope became my hope for the right next stage of homeschooling that would include all the most important elements I was looking for.

As we decided to take the plunge and join the New Hope community of tutors and students, we couldn’t quite see our way to how to manage the total costs. That’s where tuition assistance saved our day. The process respected our privacy and the outcome of a financial aide award allowed us to sign up for all the classes we felt would benefit our child and help us reach our homeschool goals.

My child says, “I like my tutors and I made new friends. I learned new study skills, and New Hope has helped me with time management and organization. “

Our New Hope experience has been supportive and challenging! My conversations and email communication with tutors have been productive and insightful. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to fully benefit from the middle school offerings, and a trusted environment. We hope that the Servathon will raise the funds needed to support many other families like ours, giving them the benefits New Hope offers.