Update Contact and Health Info

Update your family's contact and health-related information

You can update your family's contact and health-related information directly on your Parent Portal. 

1. Log into your Parent Portal. 

2. Click "My Family" at the top of the page OR "Update My Household Profile" in Portal Links.

3. Make changes by clicking on the links provided. The most important links are:

  • Contacts for My Children
  • Review Medical Profile
  • Review Household Doctors
  • all links under Family Information -- please review and update

Types of Information to Update

Household Contacts

Contacts for my Children. You can modify read-only contact information farther down in the form. You also have the ability to add new people as emergency contacts.

Pickup Authorization. This read-only field defaults to the parent(s). New Hope is a small-enough organization that we know our families personally and do not check this field, but please contact us if there is a significant pickup situation of which we need to be aware.

General Communication Recipients and Report Card Recipients. Add people whom you would like to receive these communications.

Medical Information

Update your child's medical information by clicking Review Medical Profile and then "Click here" to update.

By clicking the "Click here" link, you will be able to view the health information for each student and submit a request to update information. To submit the change request:

  1. Select the entry type in the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter the information to update in the textbox.
  3. Click Submit.

Review Household Doctors

You can add and edit your doctor's and dentist's information directly. Please update whenever you change your physician or dentist.

Family Information

Please review all family information and update as needed. It is extremely helpful to include all contact information, including mobile phones for all family members, employer information, etc., as it is all useful in the event we need to contact you. 

Directory Preferences

Please update your directory preferences, which affects what other New Hope families can see in the directory. We encourage you to display all contact information. It is a closed system; only New Hope families can access it.