Finding Report Cards

Finding Report Cards (Quarterly Evaluations)

Parents have access to report cards (quarterly evaluations) on their Parent Portal only for the current school year. Encourage them to download and print them (or save them as PDFs) before the year turns over in late July/early August. 

To find any report card from a current or previous year:

  1. Go to the System homepage.
  2. Click Find Report Cards under the General section on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. Enter criteria and run the query. Note the following fields especially:
  • School Year: Make sure to select the right one. 
  • Student: You only need to enter enough text to distinguish one student from another. In the screenshot below, note:
    • olat is sufficient to find Peace Olatunde.
    • allender, d distinguished Daniel from his sister.
    • Search for multiple students by separating with semi-colon.
  • Role: By default, set to Student, but remove criteria if searching for alumni. In the screenshot below, the query would not find Peace if the Role were set to student, but it would find Daniel since he is a current student.
  • Grading Period: There are four grading periods (quarters). When pulling up historical information for parents, we typically only look for the Q4 report card because that contains both Q4 and overall ("ALL") comments for the year.