Audio/Visual Projection in Class

Audio/Visual Projection in Class

Using the Projector

You can connect your laptop or iPad (even your iPhone) to a projector. The first tutor in each classroom for the day should bring the projector to that room, and the last tutor brings it back. They are labeled with the first six letters of the Greek alphabet: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta. They always go to the same classroom, so if you are the first tutor in a room please make sure to get the correct one.

The Epson models we use all work identically, and none require any advanced setup. Most tutors will use an HDMI cable to connect. MacBook Air models require a dongle (adapter), which should be in the bag. All the controls on the projector are labeled below and are actual buttons or switches; there is no need to go into menus or anything. 

The following are labeled in order of importance when taking out and turning on the projector:

  • Power: Turns the device on and off. Note that it takes a minute or two to fully power on (the light will start blinking so you know it's waking up), and likewise wait about ten seconds after turning it off for the fan to stop running.
  • Open/Close: Called "Mute" on the device, this simply opens and closes a screen in front of the bulb. Close it to "mute" the display. And always close it before putting it back in its bag.
  • Source Search: The projector automatically figures out what kind of connection you are using (usually HDMI or VGA). If the screen comes up and says "no source," just press this button and the projector will automatically locate your connection.
  • Angle of View: This is a great feature that lets you project from off-center. Slide the control left and right to find the best angle.
  • Focus: Adjust until the picture is clear.
  • Zoom: You can zoom in and out a bit.

Transporting and Storing the Projector

If you are last tutor in a class, please return the projector (or have a student do it). They go in the metal cabinet on the left in the office. Please take care to put away everything neatly in it, especially to coil the power cable / extension cord. The image below shows how a bag should be put back together. Note, though, that most projectors include an HDMI cable, not VGA.

Projecting Audio

We have two Bluetooth speakers available for use in the office. You can borrow them as needed. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your computer -- it is usually accessible with an icon at the top of your screen on a Mac. Press the "Pairing" button on the top of the speaker, then select it from the Bluetooth menu on your Mac. Once it's paired the first time, it should automatically connect subsequently. It's always best to try it out ahead of time, just in case. 

Here's a help on article on using Bluetooth on a Mac.