Using the Teacher Portal

Using the Teacher Portal

Here is an overview of the Teacher Portal. Log in at Note that your Veracross login is completely different than your Google account. Your username is firstname.lastname and your password is whatever you set up (click either of the "Forgot?" links below the password box to retrieve them). 

When you log in, click the "Programs" link on the left to display your classes. You will find links pertaining to each class there:

  • Attendance: Enter attendance for the day (or retroactively for previous days). See article.
  • Gradebook: Enter grades in the gradebook. See article.
  • Website: You can create a class website, but you're on your own.
  • Contact: Get class distribution lists. See article.
  • More: Access the class directory (also available at the top), enter report cards. 

Other useful links directly accessible on the homepage:

  • Directory: Find contact information for people at New Hope. See article.
  • My Account: Change your password.
  • My Profile: Update your own contact information and directory preferences. Please check this at least once a year to be sure it is updated. 

Here is a video where I go over basic use of the Portal: