Update Your Mobile Phone Number

Update Your Mobile Phone Number

It is important to have your mobile phone number in Veracross so you can receive text alerts when New Hope cancels due to inclement weather, power outage, etc.

To do this, log into your Parent Portal and click Update My Household Profile.

Your Mobile Number

On the Household Profile Update, scroll down to "My Personal Contact Information" and click your name as well as your spouse's if listed. Update your mobile phone number.

Important: Even if you use your mobile phone as your "home" number, still list it in the Mobile Phone field. When we send text messages, Veracross uses the number in the Mobile Phone field for parents and students, so if you have your mobile number listed in the "Home Phone" field, you will not receive a text.

The Household Profile Update Screen

Here is a screenshot of the full HPU screen. When you pull it up, scroll down to find your contact info. You can also double check all of your contact information for your family, and either update it there or email us the change.