Parent Portal Overview

Parent Portal Overview

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  1. Upcoming Calendar: view upcoming events at New Hope. Click an event to see more information.
  2. My Children: View classes, schedule, updates, etc. for your children. If a tutor utilizes Veracross to post assignments and provide feedback, "Recent Updates" and "Assignments" will reflect that.
  3. Unread Messages: Click to view all messages you have ever received using Veracross. This includes all class emails and emails "from the office." Think of it as a "backstop" for your email. If you aren't sure if you've gotten something, check here. See more below.
  4. Calendars: Click to view calendars full screen. "My Household" is probably the more important one, but you can open both to compare them. Click "Subscribe" to subscribe to them (recommended to subscribe to "My Household" at least) and see them in whatever calendar application you use.
  5. Directories: Find contact information for anyone at New Hope. You can browse the directories or just start typing a name to search.
  6. My Household Info:
    1. Fam Profile: Click to update contact information for your family (e.g., adding an email address or updating a mobile phone).
    2. Daily Sched: Click to view your child's daily schedule.
    3. Email Prefs: Click to update email preference, e.g, to unsubscribe from certain kinds of emails.
  7. Other Links: Currently contains the registration link. Click to sign up. We will eventually post a link to your actual invoice.

Update Household Profile

You can update your own family's contact and medical information by clicking "Fam Profile" on your Parent Portal. Click the link and scroll through the page to see everything you can update. Here are the highlights:

  • Household Contacts: Update phone numbers, email addresses, related to your kids.
  • Medical Information: View medical information.
  • Family Information: Update your own information, address, etc.
  • Directory Preferences: Change what can be seen by others in the directories.

Update Medical Information

Click the "Medical Profile" link at the top of the page to view a summary of your kids' medical information. Make updates by entering information at the bottom. Note: Medical information is not automatically changed -- it generates a request in our system that we must then update. This means that a change you submit will not be reflected immediately in your portal.