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Taking Attendance

Taking Attendance

This article will be updated when attendance records are available for screenshots.

1. Log into your Teacher Portal. Click "Programs" on the left to show your courses. 

2. Click the "Attendance" link for your class.

3. Attendance defaults to "Present." Make any changes needed, and include notes if a student is tardy or absent. Recommended note for tardy is how late and whether the student offers an excuse. Click "Save Class Attendance" when done.

A Few Things to Note:

  • We do not distinguish "excused" and "unexcused" tardies and absences. Please mark a student tardy if they are just barely late. 
  • You can always change a student's attendance, e.g., if you mark him absent but he shows up halfway through class and need to update the record to tardy. 
  • You can enter attendance for prior dates when you forget on the day. Just click the date to select a different day. 

See the official documentation for more information.