Wow! I want to learn all that!

Wow! I want to learn all that!

Greetings from my Algebra I tutorial! Here are some photos with captions from a recent session that show you a bit of what learning math at New Hope is like. 

     -- Mrs. Pinho

A big cheery “hello” from Algebra 1! How old do you have to be to enter a high school math class? This year’s class’s median age is lower than usual, but its credentials are right up there: all nine students are maintaining a B average or above!

“But wait, are grades that important, Mrs. Pinho? Remember, we’re homeschoolers!” No, grades are at best only external indicators of internal mastery. In math, it’s the mastery that matters. Small-group class instruction coupled with individualized attention nurtures its development.

A high school math class is a place to learn not just the math but also the disciplines of time management and logical thinking. And most importantly, students are challenged to “own their own education” by learning to discern what they know and what they don’t know, and what tools they can use to improve their own understanding.

 “Wow! I want to learn all that!” I hope that’s your heart’s response. And I hope that from these pictures you can see that this learning process is reachable and fun for everyone!