Presidential Election Coming Up 4/16/15!

Presidential Election on April 16th, 2015


It’s coming . . . the 2015 election for President of the United Tutorials of New Hope! On Thursday, April 16th during the lunch block (12:50-1:30pm), Republicrat Matthew Bell & Demoblican Paul Staats will each try to earn your vote.

Since 2004, the Public Speaking class has hosted this mock election to showcase the candidates’ speech-making skills and involve the greater New Hope community in real life campaign fun. . . signs, posters, handouts, edible bribes, meet-the-candidate events.  

Who can attend and vote in this election? All New Hope students/parents/siblings, instructors, office staff, Boxford church folks, employees and customers of Wayne’s . . . ANYONE who is available at lunchtime on Thursday, April 16th!

Between now and Election Day, become an informed voter!  Check out the campaign messages plastered all over New Hope’s campus and on Facebook.  Ask the candidates tough questions about the issues.  Eat their tasty “food-for-thought.”  And cast your vote on April 16th for the most eloquent candidate.  We’ll see you there!