Biome Investigation Fair

Middle School Biome Investigation Fair

A Journey Across Continents - From the frosty taiga of Northern Canada, to the tropical grasslands of central Africa, middle school Life Science students had an opportunity to share about Earth's amazing biomes with our New Hope community. What is a biome you ask?  Simply put a biome is a group of ecosystems that share similar climate, plant and animal species (Miller & Levine).  Our students were challenged to research and highlight one of twelve biomes and create a poster board display of what they learned to share their friends and family.   Highlighted biomes include: six terrestrial biomes (desert, grassland, rainforest, temperate forest, taiga & tundra) and six aquatic biomes (shoreline, tropical ocean, temperate ocean, rivers/streams, ponds/lakes, & wetlands). Take a look below to see what they accomplished!