Life Science (not offered in 2019-20)

Taught by  Dawn Corbin

Taught by Dawn Corbin


  • Practice scientific skills

  • Conduct experiments

  • Apply Math Skills

  • Learn time management skills

  • Participate in independent study

Course Description

Life Science will focus on students in grades 6 & 7. The course is designed to immerse the middle school student in the process of “doing science” as well as focusing to prepare the middle school child for science at the high school level. The course will hinge on doing and developing. The aim of the Life Science will be to capture student’s interest through inquiry and investigation and encourage them to develop the skills needed be successful in science.

Through the study of the natural world students will:


  • Practice scientific skills - interpret tables & graphs, read diagrams, classify, predict, use models & organize information.

  • Conduct experiments – practice the scientific method, understand the metric system, learn lab safety, and use a microscope.

  • Apply Math Skills – measure, estimate, compare accuracy and precision, calculate units and use formulas and equations


  • Learn time management skills

  • Be encouraged to participate in independent study

  • Practice a variety of study techniques that will promote better study habits

  • Experience evaluation (in a variety of ways)

  • Regardless of interest or natural ability all students can enjoy, be inspired by and succeed in science and middle school is a great place to start!

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