Email Distribution Lists

Email Your Families With Distribution Lists

Use Veracross distribution lists to email your students and parents. A distribution list is simply an email address that you use that processes your email through Veracross and sends to everyone on the given list. All classes have a list for students and one for parents. Please use them instead of emailing students individually. There are a few things to note about them:

  1. Use your regular email program (Mac Mail, Gmail online, etc.), but you need to send the email from your email address. If you accidentally send it from another address, it will bounce back to you.
  2. Emails sent this way show up in Parent Portals in a list of messages they've been sent, so it is a nice "backup" if a parent doesn't get your email.
  3. Sometimes emails sent this way can get shunted to spam/junk, so please check back with parents the first couple of times (request a "got it" reply) to make sure they get it. 

To Find Your Class's Distribution List

  1. Log onto your Teacher Portal and click "Programs" to see your class list.
  2. Hover over the "Contact" link next to your class and note that there is an option to "Email Parents" and "Email Students." 
    • If you have screen tips enabled in your browser, note that the email address shows up at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click the link to start a new email
    Right-click (ctrl-click) to copy the email and then paste it in the "to" field of your email.

Some things to note about these lists:

  1. If you want to email both parents and students, you need to use both lists on one email.
  2. Once you've sent an email this way once, it is recommended that you create an address book contact for Students and Parents so you can send emails straightway next time.